Free Sample Dissertation Topics: 10 Suggestions By Subject Area

  1. The effects of acid rain on the ecosystem surrounding large cities.
  2. A large proportion of rain formation and precipitation occur in relatively close geographical areas. Explore the effects the emissions of large cities have on the wild life in surrounding areas

  3. Human developments’ effects on the flight paths of migratory birds.
  4. Humans are famous for changing landscapes and natural environments. Many migratory birds are affected as a result

  5. Natural waterways are affected by Human use of medicinal drugs.
  6. Humans cannot completely metabolize many chemicals found in popular pain relief and recreational drugs which then end up in the sewage system. Water treatment plants only remove about half of these chemicals and release the water into natural waterways

  7. Public opinion of vaccination plays a key role on its effectiveness as a method of disease prevention
  8. Many individuals believe that vaccines are the cause of conditions like autism and are against it as a method of disease control. As a result, there have been cases where vaccination could have prevented outbreaks of diseases like measles.

  9. Technology has aided the development of infectious diseases in the past 100 years as much as it has hindered it
  10. One can traverse the world in a matter of hours, food and textiles and virtually anything else can be purchased from the other side of the world and be delivered to your door in days. Many infectious diseases can now cover thousands of miles where 100 years ago, it may not have left the village.

  11. Artists are no longer needed
  12. The appreciation of art has diminished as a result of increasing use of computer assisted graphical production.

  13. How different are we?
  14. Different cultures all over the world share similar traits even though they are expressed differently, for example, almost all cultures share a belief in a Deity.

  15. The internet has monopolized communication
  16. Easy internet access has shifted control of communication methods in modern times. Most people no longer call each other using a phone in the conventional sense

  17. Quantity vs Quality
  18. Industrialization has lead to an increase in production and a decrease in appreciation of quality

  19. Money as a form of currency will eventually fail
  20. Inflation happens in almost every economy and it seems to have no end point. At some point there wont be enough money printed to cover the cost of printing it.