The Top 14 Best Dissertation Writing Ideas You Should Explore

Every student is required to write a dissertation at some point during their educational careers and sometimes the hardest part can be deciding on a topic to write on. It is important to select a topic on which there is information easily available and previous experience with a topic can be an added benefit. Here are 14 dissertation topics worth exploring:

  1. The effects of the Theory of Evolution on the religious community
  2. What would be the effect on the population of the planet if the moon landing was discovered to be a hoax?
  3. Has the recent incidents involving sexual affairs between a student and a teacher changed the way teachers now interact with students of the opposite sex?
  4. Are present education methods effective considering the rigid and marginalizing nature of these methods?
  5. Are we, as a species, ready for the challenges brought on by advances in technology and weaponry that the 21st century will bring?
  6. Pets have been proven to have positive effects on the health of a person so present existing laws that prevent people from owning pets should be abolished and instead facilities should be installed to accommodate pets.
  7. Economies of scale has a negative impact on the health of the general population since many snacks and foods are created with “accepted” levels of contaminants.
  8. Global warming is not receiving enough attention from governments despite overwhelming evidence to support its occurrence.
  9. What are the possible benefits of establishing a colony of humans on the planet Mars or any other body in our solar system?
  10. Do humans really posses free will, or at we at the mercy of a predefined fate because of the effects of causality?
  11. Stem cell research and other forms of genetic manipulation are the future of medicine and should be pursued despite the taboos held by the general public about this procedure.
  12. Many religions are against the idea of cloning, because they believe that God is the only one capable of creating life. Is this a good enough reason to prevent the capitalizing of this potentially unlimited source of replacement parts for humans?
  13. If human beings had retained a thick covering of mammalian fur, and this fur was of different coloration like that which exists in animals, would racism still exist?
  14. Health is not affected by diet and the health food drive is just a scheme by certain companies to help promote their products.