Dissertation Editing Techniques: 7 Rules You Need To Follow

A dissertation is an important project that often determines one’s whole career and prospects for the future. Even though many students treat is without much responsibility. However, such a work deserves a lot of attention. The more careful you are with this paper, the higher grades you will receive. This is why you shouldn’t hurry to submit the paper immediately after you have completed it. Give enough time to editing with the help of several useful tips.

Dissertation Editing Techniques

  1. Read your paper as if you saw it for the first time.
  2. You need some time after completing the project to give your mind proper rest after intensive working and to let it forget smaller details. After some time, you will be able to read your own paper as if you were another person and see all its weak points and advantages.

  3. Check every sentence for typos and mistakes.
  4. You can use online spell-checking tools but even after they scan the text, you should read the paper again with your own eyes. It’s better to look through the paper from the very end, reading each sentence from the last work.

  5. Return to the weak parts.
  6. In the process of reading, you will definitely find sentences and paragraphs that seem to be weak, non-informative or unclear even to you. Mark them, turn to your supervisor, and revise these parts together.

  7. Check the formatting.
  8. Formal details are very important for such a project. Make sure that you have the latest edition of an academic formatting guide or that you know where to look up these demands.

  9. Remove everything that’s out of place.
  10. If you have enough text in your project and can remove several sentences without losing a lot of required volume, get rid of the least informative, most wordy, complicated or uninteresting phrases.

  11. Ask your friend to look through it.
  12. Your friend is the one who can see the drawbacks of your project better than you. Use this ability and check your project this way, too.

  13. Resort to professional help.
  14. You can find numerous academic editing resources online. If you feel that they will handle your paper better than you, turn to them and have your project proofread efficiently.

The Importance of Dissertation Editing

Your research is the heart of your dissertation but the way you put it into words and arrange everything on paper is very important, too. Give the process of editing enough attention to make everybody sure that you are truly a professional researcher.