Crafting a doctoral thesis on working capital management

Working capital management involves the strategy employed by a company to manage their accounts. Students of finance who study this branch tend to find it interesting due to the untapped potential of the subject and its impact on modern economy. However, when they have to write an entire doctoral thesis on working capital management, the prospect seems less joyous since it involves transforming years of research into a coherent body of work.

However, the process is not impossible and there are a couple of tips that can aid you in the long run.

Ensure that the PhD Requirements of the Institution Are Properly Met

It is a common problem for various doctoral students as well as their immediate supervisors to presume things. They do not bother to check facts and this can often lead to problems. Therefore, it is best to discuss the guidelines set by the institution and ensure that they are followed while writing the paper. You can be certain that you have followed all the recommended rules and your paper is fit for submission. Things like word count, style of formatting and tone matter a lot and so it pays to double-check these factors.

Always Maintain a Sense of Perspective

  • All doctoral candidates want their work to wow their readers and they leave no stone unturned in the process. However, you need to be realistic and understand that any significant work that you churn out is going to occur later.
  • Your doctoral paper is similar to an apprenticeship. There is a very low chance that your peers are going to go through your paper and judge you based on it.
  • Instead, they would rather spend their time reading any books, chapters or articles that stem from it.

Leave the Introduction for Last

When writing a paper on working capital management, it is best if you leave the introduction for the end and pen that section along with the conclusion. This will ensure that your paper ties together nicely and will score you more brownie points.

Make Use of Good Apps

You have to harness the power of technology in order to realise the full potential of your doctoral thesis. There are plenty of apps available online in modern times that simplify the writing process and help students to complete all sections of their paper in an efficient manner. There are applications that can help you keep track of deadlines so that you never miss out on important dates.