A List Of MBA Dissertation Topics In Operations Management

MBA dissertation preparation is a crucial aspect of the course. The ‘Operations Management’ subject chosen by numerous management trainees is academically comprehensive. One can choose from an interesting array of topics to prepare his/ her thesis.

Interesting MBA dissertation topics

There is no scarcity of topics in the domain of operations management. However, topics which are relevant and would show your profound hold on the subject should be chosen to fetch more marks. Planning for the topic in haste wouldn’t tune you mentally with the essence of the same and as such planning, the structure of the thesis would become daunting.

15 topics are suggested over here to help you out in the initial quest:

  1. Supply chain management and logistics of Tata Chemicals
  2. Primary operational challenges plaguing the BPO and IT sectors
  3. Operational advantages of Indian Call Centers over offshore counterparts
  4. Gauging the efficacy of seller credibility systems in the online auctioning landscape
  5. Influence of indigenous culture on buyer seller trust and commitment quotients
  6. Key factors of client partnering behavior in logistics outsourcing ties from the marketing standpoint
  7. Appraisal of the supply chain management system of prestigious export firm
  8. Impact of transactional expenses and coordination mechanisms on the supply chain’s length
  9. Harnessing of Enterprise Resource Planning Tools by small scale enterprises: A decision taking model
  10. Management of media supply chains in Indian publishing scenario: Strategic importance of partnerships and professional values
  11. Segmented approach to identification of key performance indicators for evaluating supply chain maintenance efficacy
  12. Developing of management information systems for process driven healthcare systems
  13. Dissection of success and failure determinants for ERP systems in engineering sectors
  14. Simulating and optimizing of production control to facilitate lean manufacturing transition
  15. Devising solution to linear optimization challenges by employing dual space oriented simplex like boundary point method

Appeal of the topics

The topics are highly relevant to the operations management course. This makes planning for the thesis easy and less time consuming. The course material one goes through while pursuing MBA offers rich insights into the topics content. Thus, carrying out literature review, framing of pertinent research questions, data collection and subsequent collation for analysis becomes a cushy and engaging activity. Your MBA dissertation would be evaluated based on its merit and as such the robustness of the idea matters. You will get ample support from multitude of resources scattered around the internet.