Expert Guide For Writing An APA Medical Dissertation

If you have been told to write your medical dissertation paper in the APA format, do not get confused. The below points aim to tell you how to do this so that you do not get confused.

General rules

  • The paper needs to be typed and double-spaced on standard-sized paper, i.e. 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
  • The margins on the sides need to be 1 inch.
  • The font needs to be clear as well as readable. APA advises you to employ 12 pt. and the Times New Roman type of font.
  • The text needs to be double-spaced
  • You have to have a page header present on every page’s top.


Your medical dissertation needs to have four sections that are the major ones:

  • Title page

This should have the title, author’s name along with your institutional affiliation. You will need to have your page header here as well. The title needs to be in upper plus lowercase letters and centered within the page’s upper half. Try not to have abbreviations, and make your title less than around 12 words.

After the title insert your name without employing titles. Put your first, middle and then last name. After this write your institutional affiliation that should state the location where you did your research.


Your medical research will need an abstract page that should be on a fresh page. It has to have the page header. “Abstract” needs to be centered. It should not be in bold, underlined, formatted as well as italicized plus employing quotation marks.

On the other line, you should write a summary that is concise including the main points that your medical research will focus upon. It should not be indented. It can have your research topic, questions plus participants, methods along with results, data analysis moreover conclusions that you have drawn. Implications and future work can also be stated. The abstract needs to be in one paragraph and double-spaced. Make it around 150 to 250 words.

If you want, you can state the keywords within your abstract. This should be indented the way you would do if you are beginning a paragraph. “Keywords” should be italicized. You may then write your keywords.


These need to be at your paper’s end. Every source needs to be put in the reference list. Every entry within your reference list needs to be within your text. They should be on a fresh page and away from your paper’s text. You need to label “References” and put this in the center. It should not be in bold plus underlined. No quotation marks should be used for the title.

The above are simple instructions to aid you in creating a medical dissertation paper within the APA format.