A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Ideas On Nutrition

One of the most interesting things about taking up a study like nutrition in school is the fact that you get to deal with things that you see on a daily basis all around you. From the discussion subjects to some of the themes that you will look into in your term papers, you will definitely come across subjects that do apply in real life. This makes it easier for you to apply the knowledge that you have in real life, and make good choices about nutrition, not just for yourself, but also for those around you.

In the event that you have been given a paper to write on nutrition, the following are some of the most interesting ideas that you can present for your dissertation:

  • Discuss the need for pregnant women to exercise proper nutrition before, during and after their pregnancy
  • Explain the nature of the animal cell models and their applications when it comes to nutrition
  • Discuss the challenges facing nutritionists in remote communities
  • Explain the problems that people endure when they predominantly practice bad nutrition from time to time
  • Explain the benefits and the disadvantages of relying on the food packages and nutrition charts
  • Using a relevant case study, discuss how a change in nutrition has helped a particular community change its ways for the better
  • Explain how network marketing has played a role in nutrition over the years
  • With respect to sports nutrition, discuss some of the appropriate ways through which athletes can improve their performance without necessarily going through the risk of using banned substances.
  • From your own understanding, discuss the supplemental nutrition assistance program, citing some of the important benefits that the program brings to those who adhere to it, and the challenges that are faced by those who do not
  • Explain the important role that nutrition plays in the life of an ordinary individual with respect to cognitive health
  • Discuss how nutrition in any 5 other living organisms differs from how the nutrition system works in a normal human being
  • Explain the nature of mother and child nutrition and how the two people rely on one another
  • Discuss the important reasons why a personalized nutrition and health exercise plan is something that should be adopted by everyone, and not just those who are actively involved in sports
  • Explain the important role that proper nutrition plays in cancer prevention mechanisms